Building Process

The LVIP Protective Covenants are established for each park to create standards for construction and design, and are applied uniformly throughout the LVIP park system.  The Covenants ensure all aspects of a new project comply with zoning, site, landscaping and architectural guidelines.  Covenants are generally complementary to municipal regulations.

All projects proposed for the LVIP park system are reviewed by the LVIP Building Committee. Each new LVIP project must submit detailed plans in accordance with the Building Committee Checklist.  The plans are assessed for compliance with the Covenants.  Approval or requests for resubmission are then provided to the applicant.  The Building Committee process ensures all projects meet the high development standards of LVIP and protects the investment of all LVIP tenants.

LVIP allows clients to select their own architects, engineers and contractors to build a facility that best serves their needs.


Each company purchasing land in LVIP VII becomes a member of the LVIP VII Owners’ Association, and agrees to abide by the LVIP VII Association Bylaws upon gaining ownership of the parcel.

Permits and Fees
Specific information on building application fees and the planning and building process is available from the City of Bethlehem.

Infrastructure and Utilities
Each park has a complete infrastructure network consisting of roadways, municipal water and sanitary sewer, a storm drainage system, natural gas, electric, cable, and a telecommunications network including fiber optics. Water is one of Bethlehem’s finest resources, and the partnerships formed with PPL Electric, UGI and Verizon have been invaluable in the development process of LVIP VII. The following information details the utility capacities available to LVIP VII:


Company Name Capacity Available Website
City of Bethlehem Water Authority  47 MGD – unlimited www.bethlehem-pa.gov
City of Bethlehem Sewer Department  Contact city for details www.bethlehem-pa.gov
PPL Electric  3 Phase12kV lines – Single Feed www.pplweb.com
UGI  6″ PE Gas Main – pressure = 55PSIG www.ugi.com
Verizon  Fiber available to provide high capacity; SONET ring available  www.verizon.com

Learn More About the History of LVIP

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